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ITR-1 to 7 Return Filing

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ITR-1 to 7 Return Filing

Welcome to “Protect My Brand” Tax Solutions

At Patel & Co., we don’t just protect your intellectual property; we ensure your financial compliance is seamless and secure. Understanding the labyrinth of Income Tax Returns (ITR) is crucial for safeguarding your revenue and ensuring your brand thrives without legal hitches. Our expert team of Advocates & Attorneys, specializing in Trademark, Patent, Copyright, and a suite of tax services, is dedicated to providing you with tailored solutions. Dive into our guide on selecting the right ITR form and understand how each caters to different financial landscapes.

Our Services

ITR-1 Sahaj: Simplifying Your Tax Filing

For Individuals Earning Salary & Interest Income ITR-1, or Sahaj, is designed for the salaried individual, making tax filing as straightforward as its name suggests. If your income sources include salary, pension, or interest, and your total income is up to ₹50 lakh, Sahaj is your go-to form.

ITR-2: For the Diversified Portfolio

For Individuals & HUFs Not Earning from a Business This form caters to individuals and Hindu Undivided Families (HUFs) who have income from sources other than a business or profession. Whether it's capital gains, multiple house properties, or foreign income/assets, ITR-2 is your comprehensive tax companion.

ITR-3: The Entrepreneur's Choice

For Individuals & HUFs with Income from Business/Profession Perfect for entrepreneurs and professionals, ITR-3 is designed for those with income from a business or profession, including those earning from partnership firms. It accommodates a detailed income disclosure for seamless tax planning and filing.

ITR-4 Sugam: Small Business, Big Dreams

For Presumptive Income from Business & Profession Sugam simplifies the process for small business owners, freelancers, and shopkeepers opting for the presumptive taxation scheme. If your turnover is up to ₹2 crore, ITR-4 makes tax filing efficient and hassle-free.

ITR-5: The Partnership Path

For LLPs, AOPs, and BOIs ITR-5 is exclusively for firms, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs), Associations of Persons (AOPs), and Bodies of Individuals (BOIs), streamlining the tax filing process and ensuring compliance across partnership entities

ITR-6: For the Corporate Players

Exclusively for Companies Other Than Those Claiming Exemption Under Section 11 ITR-6 is dedicated to companies, excluding those exempt under section 11 (income from property held for charitable or religious purposes), emphasizing the corporate sector's compliance with tax regulations.

ITR-7: For Trusts and Non-Profits

For Persons Including Companies Required to Furnish Return Under Sections 139(4A), (4B), (4C), and (4D) Designed for trusts, institutions, and non-profits, ITR-7 addresses the unique tax filing requirements of entities contributing to society's welfare, ensuring transparency and compliance.